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Are you facing trouble with the Sodexo Card Activation Process? or have any other issue in Sodexo Card Activation… Then, do not bother more about it. Today, I am here to share an article detailing Sodexo Card Activation.

By referring to this article, anyone can Activate Sodexo Card successfully. So, if you are one of those worried guys, I personally suggest you take your time, read the post available here, check Sodexo Card Activation Requirements and eligibility, Sodexo Card Activation Procedure to Activate Sodexo Card successfully.

Here on this page, I had explained an easy-to-follow guideline with simple steps on how to Activate Sodexo Card.

sodexo card activate


About Sodexo

Sodexo is a famous food service established in 1966 (53 years ago) in France and its Headquarters is in Sodexo situated at Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.. that is known as their best food services provider.

Sodexo Card Activation

This Sodexo card is provided by Sodexo for their customer who has good credit so they can use this Sodexo card from online shopping or purchase anything from Sodexo with a Sodexo card without cash cause this Sodexo card show customer credit.

But if you are a Sodexo cardholder then you must activate it before use cause without activation you cant use the Sodexo card anywhere so you must activate it via online or SMS.

If you have already activated the Sodexo card then very good but if you don’t activate the Sodexo card so here we have mentioned all the valid details to activate your Sodexo card easily.

So just follow the below steps and complete the process of Sodexo card activation.

How to activate Sodexo meal pass card?

  1. Online method
  2. SMS method

Activation Sodexo meal pass card via online method:

  • Visit the official Sodexo Card activation gateway from activation.sodexobrs.com.
  • Now, enter your #12digite reference number
  • Clear the captcha
  • Then you will receive an activation code
  • enter this activation code and complete your activation process

how to activate Sodexo card via SMS

  1. write SMS as format CARD<space>ACT<space> 12digit card reference Number last 4digits  of your card numbers and send to this number 1800 103 3030 or 1800 267 3030.
  2. this SMS must be sent from the registered mobile number
  3. Now they will activate your Sodexo card if the information is right

Sodexo Help:

  • Sodexo Phone Number:- ☎1800 103 3030
  • Sodexo Customer service:- 1800 102 2423
  • Sodexo Headquarters: Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
  • Activate the card online:- Here
  • Website:- activation.sodexobrs.com

However, if you feel any kind of trouble or have any issue with the above-mentioned Sodexo Card activation process, then, please, let us know through commenting below in the comment box. We will answer you all question about the Sodexo Card Activation process. You can also ask about Activate Sodexo Card Online queries and doubt…

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