15 Best Roku Private Channels to Add Value to Your Streamer

September 28, 2020 / Activate Guide

If you’re thinking of purchasing an Internet TV streaming box, opt for one that is a Roku streaming media player. One of the most popular streaming media players available in the US, Roku comes in seven models and a variety of specifications. The most appealing thing about owning a Roku device in your home is the ability to include a variety of private channels for free aside from the authentic Roku Channel Store. Read this article to find out the 15 top Roku channel channels that are private to add to and enhance the capabilities of your Roku streaming device.

15 Best Roku Private Channels

The channel store that is the official one on Roku lets its customers access a wide range of channels. But did you realize that you can also create private channels in your own channel store? Private channels are hidden, and thus not visible to viewers. It is possible to ask the reason behind these channels being private. One of the possible explanations is one of the following:

Certain channels are programs from third parties.

Some are in beta formats.

Some require membership.

Let’s get into the depths and discover some of the top well-known privately-owned channels (along with the codes) that you ought to think about adding to your Roku streaming device.

Wilderness Channel: Dedicated to the US of America’s national wildlands and parks, as also to campers, hunters as well as outdoor survivalists, hikers, and lovers of nature, Wilderness Channel is one of the most-watched private channels. This channel is mostly focused on three types of viewers: Hunters as well as Outdoor Survivalists and Natural Enthusiasts.

Channel Type Outdoor and nature-related information

Access Code: FL821095

Cost: Free of charge

Subscription: Not Required

Twitch TV is not officially licensed. If you’re a gamer and you love gaming, then you must get Twitch TV on Roku. Twitch is a hugely well-known platform to live stream your game. It’s not just about staying updated on the most recent games, but you can observe other players and improve your game.

Channel type is related to gaming (live or on-demand)

Access Code: Twitch TV

Price is free without cost

Subscription: Not Required

iTunes PodcastsHave the channel on Roku and you will be able to access free podcasts from iTunes. iTunes library. If you do not already have an iTunes account, that’s not an issue! It’s not even necessary. All you need do is utilize the search feature to locate the right podcast seeking. You can also add any particular podcasts you listen to regularly to the “favorites” list. This way you will be able to cut down on the time spent on lookup. Podcasts that are free can be downloaded via this channel. If you’re looking for additional content (including paid ones including music, TV shows, and films) it is necessary to be running the iTunes application installed on your smartphone or desktop.

Channel Type: Audio/ Video Podcasts

Access Code: ITPC

Price is free without cost

Subscription: Not Required

Weather Radar: Formerly known as Weather Graphics, Weather Radar offers all weather-related news (local as well as national). Install this channel from your Roku and keep up-to-date with the forecast for weather.

Channel Type: Update on Weather (Local & National)

Access Code: RADAR

Price: Free

Subscription: Not Required

Lode Runner Remake as the title suggests it’s the remake from Lode Runner, one of the classic video games of the 1980s. The original version was released by Broderbund. Lode Runner Remake is a puzzle game that requires you to select between Championship, Classic, or Professional (three different modes with multiple levels). But, you’ll need access to an upgraded game controller for playing the game.

Channel Type Game Type: Classic Video Games

Access Code: Lode Runner Preview

Price is free without cost

Subscription: Not Required

Redbox Digital Beta The reason is that with Redbox Digital Beta, you become more intelligent as you watch videos that are smart. The channel broadcasts the latest movies and TV shows. If you’ve got it on your system, it’ll be a bit difficult to get off the couch. It is important to note the fact that Redbox Digital Beta works on the basis of a pay-as-you-go service. This means that it’s an unpaid service, as well as all TV and films are available to purchase or rented.

Channel type Live stream and on-demand films, sports videos TV shows, adrenaline-filled videos

Access Code: RBS Digital

Price Payed (monthly or annual subscription)

Subscription: Required

Crackle By enabling Crackle, you will give access to free videos Web series, web series, and films

Channel Type: Live streaming TV channel

Code: Crackle

Price: Free

Subscription: Not Required

Bloomberg TV+ Are you a top business billionaire? or, at the very least, would you like to be one? It’s a must to have this set-top box on your Roku. Bloomberg TV+ is known for its ability to provide financial and business news and is it is available on a variety of devices and platforms.

Channel Type news related to financial and business news

Access Code: BTVPLUS

Price: Free of Charge

Subscription: Not Required

Space-Time: If your child is interested in studying the sciences and related content about space it is time to get a little bit more committed to including Space-Time in your Roku account. Space-Time has videos in the following categories:



Space Travel

Solar System


Deep Sky

The content on this channel is provided through various NASA space organizations across the globe. But, you can see the bulk of the content coming on the website of NASA

Channel Type Space-related content from agencies related to space, including NASA

Access Code: CN6MRTG

Price Cost: Free without cost

Subscription: Not Required

Neon Party Games Another channel dedicated to games! Neon Party Games offers various games like Sumo, Cell, Puck, Geometry, Squared, and Tag.

Channel Type: Game Type

Access Code: H2CLHP

Price: Free and Paid

Subscription: Not Required

Roku Movies: Are you tired of ads when watching your favorite movies? Get Roku Movies installed immediately. Contrary to Roku’s authentic Roku film channel this channel has a huge selection of stunning (premium) films. The Roku Movies channel is not official.

Channel Type Videos and movies

Access Code: ZB34AC

Price: Free

Subscription: Not Required

Red Bull TV Created through Red Bull TV, this channel is a step above the usual with exceptional and exclusive videos from top artists, fresh live music entertainment, and world-traveling adventures. Download the app to your Roku and learn from the best individuals.

Channel type Live stream, on-demand sports, and adrenaline-filled videos

Access Code: Red Bull TV

Price: Free of Charge

Subscription: Not Required

Click Live: It was created in collaboration with Clikia, Clikia Live is partly free and offers excellent content to view. It is among the top popular private channels on Roku. It provides channel Packages (Over 100 live streaming channels) and Family-Friendly programming. Commercial Free Radio Service, Video on Demand TV Shows, thousands of Movies and Reality TV Episodes.

Channel Type Content: Audio and video content


Price: Free and Paid

Subscription: Not Required

Daily Motion: Alongside a no-cost Roku channel Daily Motion, a video-sharing platform is also the 2nd largest video streaming site worldwide. Install this channel unofficially and enjoy great content on Daily Motion.

Channel Type: Video Streaming

Access Code: Daily Motion

Price: Free

Subscription: Not Required

TV available through the Roku Public channel store, the Film on. TV channel boasts to offer the biggest free IPTV service available anywhere in the world. It has more than 700 subscriptions and free broadcast channels. There are 95,000 on-demand titles available on 50 audio channels and audio and video-based podcasts.

Channel Type: Audio, Video, Podcasts, etc.

Access Code: NMEVA

Price Pricing: Free and Premium services

Subscription: Not Required