9 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon and more

There are plenty of new movies and shows this weekend that will keep you entertained.

Dune has been the most talked-about new release. Thanks to Warner Bros.’ day and date strategy, Dune hits HBO Max. Denis Villeneuve may recommend Dune at the big screen. However, those of you who aren’t able to make it to the theater (for whatever reason), will appreciate the option of streaming the film.

Insecure is returning for its fifth, final season. Issa is finishing her drama, and we’re not ready for it to end. Fortunately, we have 10 weeks before we must come to terms. Curb Your Enthusiasm has returned for the eleventh season.

Here’s a list of what you can catch this weekend on Netflix HBO Max Peacock or other streaming services.

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Dune (HBO Max)

Frank Herbert’s sci-fi opus is very long and broad. It has been difficult to adapt it for the screen. David Lynch tried but failed with his 1984 film. While the Sci-Fi channel did manage to produce a 2000 mini-series, it was not successful. Denis Villeneuve is now giving it a try, supported by virtually every Hollywood star.

So far, Dune seems like a success. Many praise Dune’s stunning visuals, and the huge action setpieces. Villeneuve manages to walk a fine line between faithfulness and not getting too bogged down in exposition. Villeneuve doesn’t attempt to compress the entire 900-page volume into one film. Expect an unscripted ending that leaves plenty of room for sequels. Here are the details to help you watch Dune online.

Dune lasts for 2 hours and 35 minutes and is rated G-13.

Streaming now at HBO Max

Season 5: Insecure (HBO)

Issa’s journey of growing up, growing up, and becoming a better person is now over. The season 5 premiere episode of her serial, which has been criminally under-awarded, features Issa Rae and Molly Orji attending their 10-year reunion in Stanford. The women spent last seasons apart and this weekend, they get to reminisce over the beginnings of their friendship.

The remaining season follows Issa as she and Molly pursue their dreams and hopes while still dealing with self-doubts and uncertainty. Then there’s the issue of dealing with their male friends. It seems that Issa has Nathan, Jay Ellis, and a new guy (played here by Queen Sugar’s Kofi Siriaboe) hovering around her. Here’s how to watch Insecure Season 5 Online.

Insecure Season 5 includes 10 episodes. They will air weekly.

Streaming Sunday HBO Max

Invasion on Apple TV Plus

The invasion of massive aliens is an event that will rock our planet. It’s truly Earth-shattering. Simon Kinberg, a producer of several X-Men movies, and David Weil (Hunters) have created the 10-episode sci-fi drama.

The aliens’ arrival leads to catastrophic power outages and fires that cause destruction. The story of the ensuing terror, confusion, and chaos is told from the perspectives of a wide range of characters. These include a sheriff on the brink of retirement (Sam Neill); a Syrian immigrant father (Golshifteh Farahan); a soldier and a Japanese aerospace technician (Shiolikutsuna); as well as many others.

Invasion premieres on the first three episodes. The rest will drop weekly.

Streaming Apple TV Plus

Locke and Key season 2 (Netflix).

The second season sees the Locke family continue their supernatural adventures with their magical keys. The show centers around three siblings who move into a mysterious Keyhouse. The show follows three siblings who move into the Keyhouse and discover keys that allow them to open other doors and grant special powers. Dodge, an evil entity, wants the keys. He especially desires the Omega Key. This opens a portal that leads to a dimension where there are demon-filled dimensions.

Season 2 begins with Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey, and Bode. They think they have defeated Dodge. They are unaware that Dodge, who has the Identity Key, is wandering around in the shape of Gabe (“Griffin Gluck”) In order to control the Keyhouse, he is collaborating with another demon living in Eden (Halle James).

Streaming Netflix

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 11, (HBO)

Larry David is still doing Curb Your Enthusiasm. Can you believe it was created in 2000? Wild, right? Season 11 is set in a post-pandemic world. But, Larry has not changed at all. He is still as annoying and irritating as ever. The premiere episode features a variety of threads. Jeff Schaffer, showrunner, teased that is going to “all be knit together in the final to make an exquisite, petty Shame blanket.”

As usual, expect great guest stars. Woody Harrelson (new faces), Kaley Cuoco Seth Rogen Lucy Liu Tracey Ullman Bill Hader, and Tracey Ullman are some of the new faces. Vince Vaughn, Jon Hamm, and Ted Danson will make their first appearances.

Here’s how you can watch Curb Your Enthusiasm season 11. It premieres with one episode. It then airs each week on Sundays.

Streaming Sunday

Queens (ABC)

This drama is the second in the year and features Eve, Brandy Naughton (Naturi Naughton), and Nadine Valazquez. Peacock’s Girls5eva is another example of how they are inspired to reunite when one of their songs has been sampled and remixed by a young rapper. Their manager Eric Jones, Taylor Sele, wants them to perform together with Lil Muffin at BET Awards for a quick cash payout.

The group faces significant obstacles in their quest to regain their old magic. Naomi/Xplicit lyrics (Brandy), Valeria/Butter pecan (Velazquez), are vegetarian, and Jill/Da Thill (Naughton), who is religiously averse, refuses suggestive material. Meanwhile, she desperately wants to hide her sexuality. Brianna/Professor Sex/Eve is not only a mother to five children but also has a cheating husband.

Queens premiered on Monday with one episode. All subsequent episodes air on Tuesdays.

Streaming available via Hulu

The Girl In The Woods (Peacock).

This supernatural YA novel has echoes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Carrie (Stefanie Scott) is the protagonist. She is a runaway from a rural sect that claims she guards an ancient portal to a terrifying, monster dimension. You know what? It’s Buffy’s Hellmouth.

Carrie finds new friends in Nolan Osherovich (Misha Bryant) and Tasha Bryant, after her arrival in West Pine. Carrie thinks the monsters are behind the townspeople disappearing, so the trio of teens must be strong. Krysten (Jessica Jones), the director, wrote the first four episodes. The entire season is available for download and can be viewed online.

Watch Peacock

Sex, Love, and Goop (Netflix).

Gwyneth’s transformation has taken her from an Oscar-winning actress to a Marvel cameo to a wellness guru and now to a therapist for relationships. Goop Lab, Paltrow’s first Netflix series for her Goop empire, covered topics such as cryotherapy and the use of psychotropics. Paltrow was inspired by one episode that focused exclusively on female pleasure to create a second series that focuses entirely on sex, relationships, and sex.

Paltrow meets six couples over the course of six episodes. Then, she sends each couple to an expert to explore their specific issues. The experts can offer advice on how to treat your problem, such as whether you should experiment with sex toys or talk through past traumas.

Streaming Netflix

The Bachelorette Season 18 (ABC).

It feels like the Bachelor Cinematic Universe was in constant motion lately. This year, there have been four seasons of the franchise almost back-to-back. Matt James’ Bachelor was followed by Katie Thurston’s time in the Bachelorette role. Now we have The Bachelorette Season 2 with Michelle Young.

Bachelor Nation members can feel guilty if they feel exhausted. Michelle is the leading lady they should be able to take a rose-flavored shot of adrenaline. She is genuine, beautiful, and truly seems to have everything together. Her cast of men is perhaps the most diverse, and strong enough that one has been chosen to be her next Bachelor. Her season is also the first time she has returned to travel. Michelle and her suitors are set to return home to Minnesota in the following weeks.

Every Tuesday, The Bachelorette broadcasts two-hour episodes. How can I watch The Bachelorette online? )

Streaming available via Hulu

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