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Navigate to employing an internet browser onto your mobile device, notebook, tablet computer, or PC.

Enter the code included in your smart device.

You might be asked to sign in using the credentials of your TV provider on the connected device.

Go to employing an internet browser onto your mobile device, notebook, tablet computer, or PC. Enter the code provided in the device you connected. It may ask you to sign in using the credentials of your TV provider in your connected device.

Where to Enter Activation Code?

Start your FOX NOW application and select “Activate TV”. Write on the code which pops in the display. Open a program on your PC or cell phone and go to and enter the code with your paid TV provide ID and secret key.

How do I sign in to FOX via Connected Devices

Click Sign In to create your profile.

Open Internet Browser on your device.

Visit and type in to enter the Fox Activation Code or utilize your phone to scan the QR code that is displayed.

After you have created a profile when you enter the activation code, you will see the Make Your Profile display will be displayed.

After registering for your own profile after inputting the code for activation and then, the “Sign in Your Own Profile display will be displayed.

Thank you for creating an account. Messaging will appear on your mobile device as well as television.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be registered and will be able to begin enjoying the program.

How to Watch Fox on Mobile Device?


Click log in or Create an account.

Click Mobile App.

Download or open the FOX NOW application on your mobile device.

If you have a profile, you’ll receive messages that say ‘Harness to Sign to a FOX Now TV channel’.

If there is no profile for you, it will be granted a message that says ‘Harness to Create Your Account.

Create an account or register an account using the program and you can begin to have fun playing with the program.

How to Sign in FOX Sport or Fox Account?


Click Sign In on the menu bar on the side.

Select TV Provider Sign In.

Find the TV provider you want to use.

Input your Username and Password that you receive from your TV provider to sign in and start watching FOX channels.

How do I make a FOX profile on the FOX Sports website?

Visit using Google chrome browser,

Click Sign In located on the left-hand right.

Choose Sign Up.

Once you have filled in all of the information required on the form, you can then fill in the required information.

You will automatically be authenticated.

Method to download your Favorite FOX App for your device.


Use The Home button in the remote to go to the primary screen on your Roku device.

Scroll down, and select the Streaming Channels option, to begin with, Channel Shop.

At the top of the Channel Store, there’s a listing of the featured groups that you can research.

Scroll down and select Search Stations to Look for FOX Country, FOX Sports, or FOX NOW.

Select Insert Channel to set up the FOX program.

Click on the FOX program tile.

Create an account using your own user name and password.


Click on the Home display. Select the app Shop icon.

Implements the website to locate the FOX Program you wish to purchase or search for it by using the Hunt Box at the Peak of the display.

When you see it on the FOX Program, select The Get Program button.

Click Download to download this program.

Click on the FOX Tile for the Program.

Log in using your personal login password as well as your username and password.

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