How to Activate MicroCell at

Looking to increase your AT&T cellphone signal when you are working from home and need more signal strength for messages or voice calls or text messages? Think about purchasing the AT&T MicroCell device. It acts as an in-built cell tower, which helps you make a secure, strong, and shareable signal joining your Internet service. Before you could start using the device, your AT&T MicroCell needs to be installed and activated online at

Your AT&T MicroCell allows you to perform various things like –

Utilize up to 4 AT&T 3G, 4G phones, or data sessions at the same time.

Make use of the data and minutes from your broadband plan.

Expand coverage 5000 sq. ft.

Accept that you use up to 15 wireless numbers (AT&T Prepaid).

How to install and Activate AT&T MicroCell at

In this section, you will come across a step-by-step process to complete the activation of your AT&T MicroCell equipment at at& It is important to note the Serial number of your MicroCell device. Also, keep information such as that of your AT&T access ID as well as username, password, and so on. prepared prior to your visit. Make sure you have it ready. MicroCell device is compatible with all broadband providers. The downstream speed of up to 1.5 Mbps and high upstream speeds of up to up to 256 Kbps is highly advised. It is important to note this MicroCell cannot be used with satellites and wireless broadband.

For the first step to get started, join your gadget to the Wi-Fi at your home router in order to create your Internet connection.

The next step is to set the device up (near your router) three feet away from the window.

You must ensure that you aren’t placing the item in the basement or closet.

Once you’re sure you have located the perfect place to put the device in Find the Ethernet cable in yellow (this is usually in the box that came with it). MicroCell).

You must connect one end to the connector in yellow identified as Ethernet in the gadget, and one end of the cable into the free port on your broadband router.

After your AT&T MicroCell gadget is connected with the router you will need to be able to join your AC Power adapter with the MicroCell device as well as the power outlet.

On your computer, go to com/microcell-activate.

Find and click to click on the ” Activate” button.

Choose ” Personal” or ” Business” (this tutorial will explain ” Personal Account“).

Select” Next” and then click the ” Next” button.

If asked, enter your myAT&T account username and password.

Simply click on”Log in” to access the ” Log In” option.

Hit the” Next ” Next” button after having read the Terms and Conditions.

Hit the “Next” ” Next” buttons after you have read the License agreement open-source details.

Click”Next” after you have clicked on the ” Next” button after entering your device’s serial number.

Please provide your location and identification information, then click”Next” to proceed ” Next” button.

Simply click “Next” to review your device’s configuration details.

If you’re satisfied with the setup details provided then click ” Submit“.

“Continue” after clicking ” Continue” after verifying the device configuration details.

The activation process is now in progress. It will take just 90 minutes to finish activation. That’s it!

Technical Issues with AT&T MicroCell and their Troubleshooting Tips

You’ve started to make use of your MicroCell technology. This is wonderful as long as you do not encounter problems with poor quality voice or missed calls. Here are the principal reasons you might be aware of this and what you can do to resolve the issue.

In the event that your AT&T MicroCell is located in the following location:

In a cabinet or closet Take it out and then move it to open space.

If you are on the ground, locate tables or tables to set it on.

Nearby to another router, ensure that there’s only a 1-foot gap between the two routers.

If your device is situated close to the microwave, the couch, or flat-panel TV it is likely that you will encounter signal issues. Find a convenient, clear area!

If status lights flashing the user must reboot the MicroCell equipment. This is done by disconnecting the power cord for 10 minutes. This will solve this Network Light issue. If the issue is related to the Network or GPS Lights then take your equipment to an area that has an accurate GPS light.

Another issue you may have to deal with is the fact that your smartphone isn’t showing the device. If it does not display your AT&T MicroCell devices on your smartphone, you’ll need to reboot your phone. If that doesn’t provide solutions, you could attempt restarting your AT&T MicroCell system. If this doesn’t work you can call the AT&T Customer Service number.