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In this post, we will discuss how to activate Voot on Also, you will learn how to turn it on in order to play Voot through Android television or Smart TV. Before we find out “how to activate Voot through“, first we should know about Voot and its capabilities.

What is Voot?

Voot, a service that is an Indian subscription video on demand (SVOD) service. It was launched by the Viacom18 Company in early 2016. Voot can be used on iOS, Android, Jim phones, and Windows. You can access 45,000 hours of thrilling content anytime in Voot. You also have access to live streams of top channels like COLORS (Hindi), MTV, Nickelodeon, Viacom18 Motion Pictures along with MTV Indies.

Features of Voot

You can alter the quality of the video to suit your requirements or speed of the internet regardless of whether you want either 320p, or 480p, or 1080p.

Voot app is accessible in a variety of languages, including Hindi, English, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil.

Voot also supports Chromecast.

Contents that are ad-free are readily accessible.

More than 1500 films that are popular are accessible.

How do I activate the Voot application for Android television

Here’s how you can activate your Voot application for your Android TV as well as Smart TV. To enable and stream Voot on your Android television or Smart TV, please follow every step carefully on

Navigate to the home screen.

Click on the Play Store.

Visit the Search tab, and then enter the “Voot” app.

Choose the Voot application from the results.

After that, select next to the Install option to install the Voot application on the Android TV.

Make sure that you are sure that the Voot app has been installed. After that, start the app Voot.

Click on one of the shows and then, after you click on the show, you will see an activation key will be displayed at the top of your screen. It is crucial to record it somewhere.

Now, go to on any other device, like the computer or mobile phone.

You will be required to enter the activation code. Enter the code in the above box.

Note: If you are required to log into this account instead of using the code, then you’ll be required to sign in using the same account that you’re linked with Android TV.

After you have entered the code, make sure to select”Continue” after typing the code. “Continue” option.

After a few hours, you’re ready to play your Voot App on your Android TV.

How to activate Voot Samsung Smart TV |

In this article, we will show you how to install Voot and enable it on Your Samsung Smart TV-

Press the Home button on the remote for your TV.

Find the icon for the app on the bottom left of your screen, and then click on it.

Click on the search icon and hit “VOOT” by using a virtual keyboard.

Choose the Voot application from the search results.

Next, you can click the Install button.

It will take a few minutes to install, and then you can open the Voot application.

Follow all of the instructions displayed on the screen to obtain a specific coupon for activation.

Transfer to another device and then go to the link on any web browser.

Enter the provided unique code to the relevant field, and then click the button to activate.

You can now stream Voot online on Your Samsung television with a smart display.

How do I activate the Voot application for Apple TV |

Be sure that you have an Apple TV must have an active Wi-Fi connection.

Go to the App Store app on your home screen.

Visit your “search” icon on the bar at the top and search for “Voot” on the search field.

Choose Voot, the Official Voot application from the results of your search.

You will be taken to the next screen and choose the Install button.

It takes a couple of minutes to finish the entire installation procedure.

After installation, you can launch the Voot application.

Click on any show or shows and the activated code will appear on your TV screen. It is possible to take the code with you and transfer it to a different device.

Visit the link from any web browser.

Register your email address or phone number for following the next steps.

Enter your activated code in the field that is appropriate and click the continue button.


How do I activate the Voot application to Amazon Fire TV |

Navigate to the home screen.

Find the icon for the app from your home screen, and then click it.

You can navigate through the Search tab by scrolling.

Type in “Voot” in the search field, using the virtual keyboard or audio.

Select the Voot application from the suggested list.

Click to “Get” option for installing the Voot app to Amazon Fire TV.

After installation then, follow the instructions to receive the activation number on the screen of your TV.

Visit the link from any web browser.

Input the email address associated with your registered email address in the text field.

Enter your activation number in the box that is empty and then click on the continue button.


How do I cast Voot on an intelligent TV?

In this article, we will present you with a different method by that you can stream the Voot application on Smart TV or Android TV instead of installing the app and then activating the app. However, it’s not an option to play the movie directly on your TV. For this, you’ll require another device. This is the casting feature that comes with Smart TV. By using this feature it is possible to stream content on any device.

However, if you’re considering using Voot, you can watch the Voot App on your Smart TV, or Android TV, with the aid of the cast feature however “you cannot able see any image or video on your TV screen”

The Voot app doesn’t allow streaming of your screen with a Smart TV, which is the reason why you see a black screen in your display at this moment. It is possible to stream Voot by casting. Make sure to follow how to proceed.

Cast Voot is a feature of Android-

The first step is to first, enable your casting as well as mirroring of the screen option on your smart TV.

Move on to your smartphone, then navigate to the Play Store.

Enter the Voot app in the search bar, then tap on the Voot app in the search results.

Right now, install the Voot application.

Once you have installed your Voot app, open the app, and then register your information.

Go to your options for setting.

Go to the bottom of your screen until you see the Connection and sharing option. Click it and then.

Choose the Cast option.

Allow your Cast feature and it will scan every device in the vicinity for connection. Simply tap the device’s name and it will display the device on the screen.

Now, open google chrome and visit


Voot Subscription plans

Now Voot is offering two plans of subscription for its customers and customers

INR 99 per month (single screen)

INR 499/year (single page)

Are there restrictions on kids zones accessible on Voot?

Yes, you are able to enable the kid zone restriction option through the settings in Voot. Voot app. You can also make pins on certain content to block your kids from accessing the content.

What can I do to fix it? Voot isn’t working?

Many users have reported that they have experienced problems with freezing, buffering problems, or login issues when streaming Voot. Here are some solutions to these issues.

Restart the Voot app restart your Voot app this is the most popular method to try first. It is not necessary to encounter any major issues. Sometimes, the issue is only short-term and is resolved by shutting the app down and then reopening it.

Restart your device If, even after restarting the application, you’re not getting the answer You must start your computer or device from scratch, regardless of whether it’s a smart television or computer. Sometimes restarting your device could resolve these issues.

Clear data and cache even if using Voot through its official site or app Sometimes, this issue occurs due to corrupted information being stored and created.

The only way to solve this is to clear all caches and data when you use the Voot app, you can do this by accessing the settings of your device. If you’re using it with any other browser, then you are able to clean it by going to the settings of your browser.

Check Update-Yes It is crucial for an app to be up-to-date. Make sure that the Voot application is updated before using it.

Verify your Internet connection at least once. It is impossible to stream Voot without an internet connection. The slow internet can cause buffering issues.


In this article, we’ve shown you how you can activate the Voot application to your television using the aid of It is also possible to stream Voot on your TV with the casting feature.

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