How to Activate Your Devices from

How to Actiteva on Roku, iOS, or Android Device

Disney is now a well-known TV Everywhere app provided for Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) as well as live TV shows and games. Disney is now replacing the separate “Watch” apps that were initially was launched to this channel. Disney is now an application platform that is well-known for bringing the numerous well-known and renowned […]


October 20, 2021 / Activate Guide

How to Activate DirecTV on /activate Page?

DirectTV is a Well known direct broadcast satellite service provider providing digital satellite television and audio to households that comprises several local television stations, private video services, broadcast television networks, satellite radio services with hundreds of channels, and subscription television services. If you have a subscription to DirecTV, you can easily access it using your […]

September 19, 2021, Active Guide

How do I activate NBA on or the?

The National Basketball Association, commonly called NBA is an official basketball league in North America. The league has teams of 30 (1 within Canada with 29 from the US) and is one of the top four professional sporting leagues across Canada and the US as well as Canada. It is thought to be the top professional basketball league. […]

How do I activate Apple TV+ via

If you have access to the Apple TV+ app, you can stream Apple original movies and shows on Apple TV+. With it, you can buy or rent thousands of movies and stream videos whenever you want using any Apple devices gaming consoles, streaming platforms smart TVs, and much more. You must be able to utilize the […]

Oct. 18, 2021, The Guide to Activate

To activate Kanopy TV on Streaming Devices and Smart TVs

Updated on Oct 21st, 2021. If you’re avid about on-demand streaming services, then you’ll be delighted with Kanopy. The streaming video platform is accessible to universal libraries and public libraries with critically-acclaimed films and award-winning foreign films captivating documentaries, and so on. If you too want to use the service for the Roku and Android TV, or […]


18 October 2021 Active Guide

Make iFit active at or activate it to experience a new level of Fitness Experience

Do you not want to have a slim body that you always wanted to flaunt as your favorite model or film actor? Perhaps you can get six-pack abs or have a more attractive body than your peers. If you’ve always wanted to be in the best shape that you can without having to go for a workout, we can help. […]

Oct. 18, 2021, The Guide to Activate

How do I Get Movieland? Tv to work on Roku?

The greatest benefit of getting Movieland. The tv available on Roku is that you’ll be able to access unlimited Classic Movies from the golden period of Hollywood. Are you looking to enjoy a night with your parents from the past (and make them feel that you truly care for them)? Are you someone who has an interest in drama or comedy? horror and […]

October 17, 2021, The Guide to Activate

How to activate CTV Television Network On activates?

The last update was on October 21st, 2021CTV Television Network often referred to as CTV is a well-known Canadian television network that is English-language which is part of BCE. Bell Media subsidiary of BCE. The programming of CTV, Canada’s biggest privately-owned TV channel is primarily comprised of well-known American shows such as The Big Bank Theory, Good Doctor, The Amazing Race, and Good Doctor. […]


15 October 2021 Administrator

How to activate Dish Anywhere with /activate

Updated on the 22nd of October, 2021With the DISH Anywhere subscription, you can access an extensive collection of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Demand titles. You can enjoy the most recent movies or shows in your home, at the office, or while when you go on vacation, DISH Anywhere subscription is the perfect combination of convenience, comfort, and entertainment. You can watch […]

14th October 2021 Active Guide

How do I add Pattaya to Roku?

Pattaya is a renowned OTT streaming platform in the US that is designed for Spanish and Hispanic viewers of Spanish and Hispanic. The content available through Pattaya includes films and programming that have been made available in original programming as well as Latin America, along with Spanish dubs of films from the collection of Lionsgate. As of now, Pattaya is available in […]

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