Bank Of America NC DES Debit Card $ Guide and Review

If you reside in North Carolina, the State of North Carolina, and collect unemployment benefits, you’re already acquainted with the North Carolina DES Debit Card program.

Simply head on over to to file a claim or log in to your NC DES account.

The North Carolina DES Debit Card is given to anyone who is eligible for unemployment benefits within the state.

The state stores all money on the card, and the cardholders can make use of it however they want.

North Carolina DES Unemployment Debit Card Guide Customer Service

  • Send mail to: Bank of America North Carolina DES Debit Card Cardholder Services P.O. Box 8488 Gray, Tennessee 37615-8488
  • Email: Email Bank of America at [email protected]
  • Phone: (855) 847-2026 (866)
  • 656-5913 TTY for the hearing impaired
  • (423) 262-1650 outside of of the United States, call collect

If you have any questions about your Unemployment Benefit claim or payments, go to the Division of Employment Security (DES) website at or contact the DES Customer Call Center at (888) 773-0259.

How do I make claims?

Simply head on over to and follow the on-screen instructions.

You need to create an account online to submit the unemployment application online. Your account will also grant you access to Claimant Self-Service Portal, where you can access information regarding claims at any point.

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What do you do if refused?

You may appeal the decision.

In order to appeal please visit

Paying for it

If you receive benefits you’ll receive the money through this North Carolina DES Debit Card.

The card is able to be used wherever Visa is accepted. Once the funds have been exhausted, you won’t be able to purchase anything until the next month’s payment is made.

If a customer is not able to receive their funds should dial 1-888-737-259 to make a complaint (unless they’re in error).

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