Chase Slate Invitation Number 0% intro APR Card Offer

Chase Slate Credit Card

  • Take advantage of the popular Chase Slate credit card and enjoy APR 0% for the first fifteen months for purchases as well as balance transfers starting with the time of account opening
  • is operated by JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • The application should take around 5 minutes to finish

The Chase Slate credit card is open to all legal citizens within the United States who are 18 years old or over. The card needs a strong credit score to be able to get it and is one of the top well-known credit card brands within the US.

In order to apply using the invitation number of 12 digits, just go to 

The applicant is required to enter your invitation’s number as well as their name and last name, and five number zip code. Be aware that the 12 digit invitation number is available in the Get Chase Slate mailing offer. 

If you don’t already have an invitation code may still apply, but their chances of acceptance are not as high since they haven’t been pre-screened. Highlights

  • Offers zero-introductory APR up to 15 months for purchases as well as balance transfer starting at the time of the time of account the moment of opening
  • FICO Score is updated every month and is free of annual fees.
  • Late payments won’t affect the rate of interest charged to card holders (APR)
  • Each application will be subject to credit approval
  • Credit cards issued by Slate originate from Chase Bank USA, N.A
  • It is expected that the Chase Slate card due date will be at least 21 days following the end of each cycle of billing.
  • Late payment fee? up to $15 in the event that the balance is lower than $100. $27 when the balance is less than $250 or $37 when the balance is $250 or greater


Once you’ve been approved by Chase for this Slate Card, once it is approved for the card, it can take up to seven days for FICO Score of the cardholder and the associated information to be posted at

Any queries regarding your Chase Slate credit card (application) are directed to a customer service representative at 1-800-432-3117.



Is Chase Slate discontinued?

Chase Slate To Be Discontinued. DW used the app in order to purchase Slate and was rejected. When she called to request the recon service, she was informed that Slate was being discontinued, and that current Slate card holders are taken over to the Freedom.

What exactly are the advantages from using the Chase Slate card?

Card BenefitsLow intro balance transfer offer. Transfer balances at an introductory cost of

Is Chase Slate offer cash back?

The Chase Slate(r) credit card is not a reward card like rewards or cashback. It’s mostly it’s a balance transfer card with a high intro APR as well as an intro fee on transfers.

Does this the Chase Slate card good?

One of the top credit cards for balance transfers.The Chase Slate(r) is our top choice as one of the top credit cards for balance transfers. The card offers the 15 month APR intro period that is 0 followed by it will be 16.74 percent rate APR thereafter. 25.49 Variable APR is in effect which means that you don’t pay interest on the balance you have at the time of purchase. period.

What is the minimum credit score required for the Chase Slate card?

700+ The minimum credit score to be eligible for Chase Slate approval is at minimum 700. Chase Slate requires good credit at least. Although some say the credit score for good begins at 660, only 700+ can give you decent Chase Slate approval odds.

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