How to download Instagram Reels videos

How to Download Instagram Reels Reels are Instagram’s new video feature. They let users upload videos up to 60 seconds long and allow them to add music, text, filters, and other effects.Reels have a lot to offer and are sure to outshine TikTok, especially since so many people upload their TikTok videos directly to Instagram Reels. However, if you wish to save a Reel to your device to share it with another person or share it in another app, there isn’t an option within Instagram.

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There are still many ways you can do this for free. If your Apple device is running iOS 11 or later, you can always swipe up the menu to record the screen. Instagram’s interface will only cover a small portion of the screen, particularly if the Reel contains a long description. Many Android phones lack a screen-record function.

You can download a Reels video in a clean format using a third-party application. No matter whether you are on iOS or Android, we will show you the best options.

How to Download Instagram Reels Videos on Android

Download Video Downloader from the Google Play store.

 For Instagram, locate the Instagram Reel you want to download. To open the menu, press the three dots icon located in the bottom-right.

 Copy the link.

Start Video Downloader. Copy the link to the search box.

Wait until the video loads, then click on the red “download” button in the bottom right.

Click “Fast” to download the video. Make sure that the blue tick is highlighted near the video.

Go to your camera roll and locate the video. You can then watch it whenever, wherever you are.

How to Download Instagram Reels Videos on iOS

You can screen-record the Reel on an Apple device that runs iOS 11 or later. This restriction is still in effect. Another option is to use a third-party app for video downloading.

Clip box App Download from Apple App Store

In Instagram, locate the reel you want to download and click the three dots at the bottom to open I Press “Copy .”

The clipped box is open.

 You can trim the video with the blue sliders. Then, press the blue tick.

 Wait until the video finishes, and then hit “Save clip.”

 Next, press the red “download” button in the bottom left corner. Now, you should find the video on your camera roll.

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