Everything You Wish to Know about Turning off Voice on Roku

Everything You Wish to Know about Turning off Voice on Roku

Are you hearing your Roku talking while you’re on the menu? Do you want to know how to stop it? This article is essential for you. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the steps to follow on how to disable the voice feature on Roku. Why not wait? Learn how to disable the chat options on your Roku player.

Everything You’d Like to Know About The Roku’s audio Guide

Roku is certainly the most used streaming media service across the U.S. Have you ever wondered what the reason is? The reason is that not only does Roku provide all channels and services for video for its customers, but, the Company does everything it can to ensure that entertainment is accessible to all, even those who are visually or hearing impaired. 

The accessibility features of the Roku are simply incredible. To enhance the experience it is the Company puts in all its efforts to offer a satisfying streaming experience as well as greater ease of access to streaming through Roku. Roku platform.

Voice feature also called the Audio Guide is a text-to-speech screen reader that is useful for those who have navigation of the Roku menus on the screen and the user interface. It is a feature that requires an Audio Guide feature has to be enabled to read the text. 

In addition to hearing and visually deficient users, Audio Guide is widely utilized by other users who enjoy using voice search with the Roku application.

Audio Guide Available on Roku Devices

  • Do you own any of the Roku devices in your home?
  • Roku Express
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Roku Express+
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premiere+
  • Roku TVs

It is easy to enable this Audio Guide feature and enjoy using the voice search feature on the Roku mobile application. This feature is accessible on 5 5th Gen or more recent Roku players and TVs.

How to Turn off Voice on Roku in Three (3) Simple Ways?

It’s not difficult to see that the Voice feature of Roku is a great feature for a lot of users. While many people appreciate this feature but some don’t appreciate it. They find it incredibly annoying. If you’ve tested it, and discovered it to be quite useful and, at one moment, considered shutting it off. No worries! You can disable it by using the below simple tips.

The easiest way to disable the audio Guide option is to hit the ” Options” button on the Roku remote. It is also possible to go into”Accessibility” in the ” Accessibility” category in the ” Settings” menu. You can adjust the rate of speech or turn off this shortcut. Audio Guide option.

Review the steps in detail Learn more about the steps

Utilize the Remote to turn off Audio Assistant How do you deal with a snarky Roku? Here’s solution number one. If your Roku TV or Roku Player starts talking (when you are on the settings screen or in the menu) Look for”Asterisk,” the “Asterisk” button, or the option of the Roku remote. The options button must be pressed in the remote 4 (4) consecutively. This must be done swiftly (without any pause).

Give yourself some time since the commands may take time to answer. If you can hear the narration while you wait it’s fine. It’ll then stop and you won’t be able to hear the voice until the narration is turned on it or activate it by pressing the ” On” option.

The ability to turn off audio description by using Roku Settings: The alternative to shut off the audio description function on Roku is to go into Settings. Roku is to go to Roku Settings. Here’s how to disable voice-activated Roku.

When you turn on your Roku remote Look for”Home” on the remote. Click it to find the ” Home” button, and press it to be added to the Home list on the menu main.

Choose ” Settings” and then go through the “Accessibility” ” Accessibility” menu.

You must then go into ” Audio Guide” (this option is located under the section that bears an identical name).

The section will appear to the left. From here, you can tap”Off” to turn off the Audio Description mode ” Off” option to turn off audio Description mode.

Utilize Remote Button Shortcuts to disable voice in Roku: Another method that you could find interesting can be that of the Roku keypad shortcuts for remotes. This method is very popular for people who are constantly activating and deactivating this Audio Guide feature at times. 

Try your hand with this method if you’re child isn’t aware of the feature and keeps playing using the Roku remote’s buttons.

When you turn on your Roku remote Look for”Home” on the remote. Click it to find the ” Home” button and press it until you appear on the home list of the menu main.

Choose ” Settings” and then navigate into” Accessibility” ” Accessibility” menu.

Search for”the ” Shortcut” option, then select ” Disabled“.

Whatever method you choose to follow the process will provide the right solutions. In any case, if you are unable to decide for reasons beyond your control, follow the same process to enable it. All you need to do is click the “ON” ” ON” buttons.

Roku TV How To Turn Off Voice


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