How to download videos from Facebook

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 It’s handy to know how to get videos from Facebook. Video sharing is the reason that people keep returning to Facebook. But, Facebook doesn’t want you to be able to download videos to watch elsewhere.

You can save clips from the website by clicking the button “Save video”. This will add the video to your bookmarks “saved” to be able to view it later on Facebook. If you don’t want to share your personal videos with people or family members who don’t have a Facebook account or just want to watch the video offline, this isn’t ideal.

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There are ways around this problem, both for mobile and desktop. Remember that companies may not be happy with you downloading their clips. So, don’t download and then share copyrighted content.

Private video uploads might be private for a reason. It is worth checking with the person you are downloading the video from before proceeding.

Let’s get rid of all those caveats and let’s see how you can download Facebook videos.

How to Download Videos from Facebook on a Desktop

2 Open your browser on your desktop and navigate to the Facebook site to find the video you are looking for. The Tom’s Guide Facebook page will be used for the purpose of this guide.

 Please click what you are most interested in. Once the clip begins playing, press the three-point button at the right-hand end of the video.

 Click “Copy” from the drop-down list that opens. It’s the fourth.

 Open a new tab. It could be reduced to an “FB. watch” URL. You may need to press Enter to allow it to expand.

Now change the URL to “basic” in the address bar.

So, in the example above, becomes

Click Enter. You’ll see an ugly mobile view.

Right-click the video and select “Open Link in New Tab.” 

The Facebook video is the only thing that will appear in the new tab. Right-click the image and select “Save Video as”. To save the video to your computer.

How to Download Videos from Facebook On Mobile

The process of downloading Facebook videos on mobile devices is quite complicated. While there are several apps that claim they can do this, the method is far more straightforward. This works on iOS and Android. You’ll need the Firefox web browser to use the site.

This method can only be used on publicly-shared Facebook videos.

Download the Facebook mobile app and sign in.

Choose the video you wish to save, and then press the Share’ button.

Swipe up until you locate the “Copy Link” option. Tap it.

Open your mobile web browser (remember Firefox is recommended if you are using an iPhone) to go to

Paste your video URL in the box to the right of this page, then click “Download.”

 Go to the next page and click the link for download in either “Normal Q” or “High Q”. This will change the file size, as well as the amount of space the video takes on your mobile device.

 This will open a new page with just the Facebook clip. Once the option is available, long-press on the clip and tap “Download video”.

The video will now be saved on your mobile device. There you can play it offline, and you can keep it for as long you like.

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