iOS 15 release date, bug reports, future updates and all the new iPhone features

A few features of iOS 15’s highlights include enhanced notifications, a brand new layout for Safari as well as new versions of Maps, photos, and Weather, and also the capability to save your driver’s license inside the Apple Wallet. Another major innovative feature that’s new is SharePlay that allows you to share content with your friends via FaceTime calls.

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This iOS 15 review analyzes each of the major new features that are now available on the iPhone. We’ll take a look at a few of these features together with iOS 15 bugs, updates Apple is working on, as well as compatibility of the device with the latest iPhone software.

iOS 15

iOS 15 release date and updates

iOS 15 is now out and is on track to launch by the promised date of September. 20. The beta test process started in June when Apple provided developers with a beta software version of iOS 15.15 at its Worldwide Developer Conference to give developers a head start on updating applications to take advantage of the new software’s features.

However, the work for iOS 15 isn’t over. Apple has launched a beta version of iOS 15.1 for developers as well as users of the iOS 15 public beta. (Yes although the official release of iOS 15 is out, the beta program will continue to be updated in the future.) 

Expect bug fixes as well as other minor changes to iOS 15.1 however Apple is likely to release other features in the future.

The most significant iOS 15.1 updates will be the option to integrate your COVID card into the Wallet app. iOS 15.1 may also bring back SharePlay. SharePlay function to FaceTime as it was not available in time for the initial release of iOS 15.

iOS 15 supported devices

If you are able to use iOS 14 on your iPhone You can also use iOS 15. This is a bit of surprise, considering that rumors before the launch in the iOS 15 developer beta, indicated that the iPhone 6s, as well as the original iPhone SE, was about to disappear. 

This means that you’ll be able to use iOS 15 on hardware that was first introduced in the year 2015. Like you’d expect that iPhone 13 models — that are currently on sale — come equipped with iOS 15 right out of the box.

Here’s a list of supported devices as per Apple:

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone SE (original model)

iPod Touch (seventh-generation)

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone Xs

iPhone Xs Max

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Be aware that certain features aren’t compatible with all supported iPhones. Some features that require large use of neural processors will require An A12-powered Bionic iPhone or higher. We’ve compiled a list of features that will not work on specific devices.

If you’re worried about whether you’ll be able to use iPad compatibility, keep in mind that Apple divided the apps for its tablets and phones a few years in the past. iPadOS 15 is adopting many of the features that we’ll be discussing in this article, and also specific iPad features that sound similar for iOS 14 users (widgets on the home screen, to name only one illustration). Check out our iPadOS 15 beta hands-on video for feedback on the software.

iOS 15 features

iOS 14 was a pretty large upgrade, but there are lots of things to come in iOS 15 as well, as Apple has explained very extensively. We also analyzed the most popular 15 features that you should look out for on iOS 15 and looked at the less-known features that are included in iOS 15 that has received little focus.

The iOS 15 hands-on goes into greater detail about the features it can do Here’s a brief outline of the software update’s major improvements.

The new features for the FaceTime feature: FaceTime is getting some of the most important modifications with iOS 15. The video chat that is so popular will be getting spatial audio to help make the sound seem more natural and voice isolation with machine learning and a wide spectrum that lets in more ambient sound.

For groups, for FaceTime phone calls Apple adds link generation (like Google Meet and Zoom) to allow even users using Android and Windows can join through the browser. Apple also has added the grid view for group calls, as well as an option to focus your attention on.

SharePlay SharePlay offers an innovative way to share your multimedia experiences with family and friends. If you’re a social person and love sharing videos, music, and even your phone’s display, SharePlay is a new method of communicating instead of screenshots. For instance, you can play an album through Apple Music with your partner or take a Netflix show with your friends while you chat using iMessage by using the picture-in-picture mode. SharePlay can be used on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

However, SharePlay did not appear in the first iOS 15 release, though it’s not going to take for long before giving it a go. Apple has stated that SharePlay will launch later in the fall and is back within iOS 15.1 beta. iOS 15.1 Beta, which suggests it will launch as soon as the update is widespread.

Notifications and The Focus: One major pain aspect of iOS is notifications, and Apple is working to address the issue to some extent. Notifications will be put into a later-to-deal-with-it category and the conversations will appear first. The design and layout of the notification pane have been given some minor changes to appear more contemporary.

Alongside enhancements, to notifications iOS 15 will introduce changes to Do Not Disturb, and will also introduce the brand new Focus mode. The former allows you to create a DND status in Messages. the iMessage app will automatically reply to let you know that you’re working. Focus lets you create profiles for work and personal which alter the way you use your phone, which allows you to eliminate distractions while doing work or taking time to yourself. This article will show you how to utilize Focus mode on iOS 15.

Live Text: Like Google Lens, Apple will add Live Text to iOS 15. It will be possible to paste text directly from the image, screenshot, or web-based images. Learn how you can make use of Live Text in iOS 15.

Visual Lookup: Again, looking at Google Lens, Apple added Look Up. This allows you to focus your camera on something and search for it. It is able to recognize landmarks, animals, nature as well as art, and more.

We’ve compiled a comparison of Live Text and Visual Look Up comparison. Google Lens to see how Apple’s features compare in the beginning phases. We’ve also got instructions on instructions on how to utilize Visual Lookup in iOS 15 to ensure you’re prepared the day it goes live.

photos and memories apply are adopting a page from Google Photos’ book and adding images and memories. These memories can be curated using photos. It incorporates music into them making a fun film. You can alter the speed and the music to create something totally distinct. It has been proven to be among our most loved iOS 15 improvements.

Photos are now searchable via Spotlight. It will be possible to look up photos of individuals or locations and objects within the pictures the photos. Thanks to Live Text it is possible to look for images that contain particular text.

wallet additions: Wallet is getting some updates, allowing you to connect car keys (with support for car manufacturers) hotel keys, corporate badges (at Hotels that are participating) as well as states IDs that are accepted in the participating states. Apple announced they will announce that TSA will begin allowing you to use your iPhone to identify yourself. The states of Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah will be the first states to add drivers’ licenses and IDs into iOS 15 according to Apple’s announcement. Apple release. As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll be able to add your COVID card to Wallet with the next iOS 15 updates, too.

New Weather design: The Weather app is getting a new look. Apple has added more animations as well as new infographics. This helps you gain more details about what’s happening out there.

Maps modifications: Apple is gunning directly for maps and navigation superiority by introducing Maps with iOS 15. It now has an interactive globe (like Google Earth) and it also adds new city-specific information such as turns, elevation, and bicycle lanes. The app will also display new road information as well as traffic-related conditions. Transit passengers can pin their most-loved routes as well as Maps will inform you when it’s time to get off.

The future is here, Maps in iOS 15 is moving towards augmented reality. When you arrive at the train station and are lost, pull out your iPhone and allow it to scan the structures surrounding you. It’ll show the most recent directions to find your way to your destination.

Here’s a more detailed look at the changes expected in iOS 15 Maps.

Safari: Safari is being revamped within macOS 12, and some of the changes are making their way onto the iPhone as well, although the new design is a reflection of the smaller screen size of the iPhone. The tab bar now sits in the lower right corner of the screen, closer to the thumb area, Apple notes — and disappears when you scroll. The goal will make your web browser simpler to use with just one hand.

In addition, features introduced in the macOS Monterey version of Safari-like Group Tabs will also appear in iOS 15’s version. Extensions for Web are currently accessible on the iPhone as well as the iPad in addition.

Safari’s changes have proven to be the most controversial aspect in the iOS 15 Beta. We’ve heard some concerns about iOS 15 Safari ourselves. Based on user feedback, Apple added a way to return Safari’s tab bar. Safari Tab bar at the very top. Wherever you place your Tab bar, we’ve some tips for using the tab bar. Tab bar on iOS 15 Safari.

Shared with You: Apple’s new method of displaying everything shared with you by your friends and family members is known as Shared with You. It lets you quickly discover articles, songs, photos, videos, and much more on iOS quickly, without worrying about keeping track.

Search My: Apple wants to assist you in keeping all of your information in one place with Find My. It lets you find items that are turned off or erased, stream live locations to your family and friends and receive separation alerts when you leave your Apple device in an unidentified location and also includes AirPods Max and AirPods Pro to the network.

Health: The Health app will be getting fresh analysis features with iOS 15 but, more importantly, you’ll be able to share your health information with your physician and/or relatives.

Home A minor upgrade, Apple has added some new features to the Home app. The most important thing to remember out is that now you’ll now be capable of using Siri using third-party devices. There’s no need for HomePod, but now you’ll be able to communicate with Siri via other devices.

Home will also get an option to detect packages that utilize HomeKit Secure Video. This means that you can use your security cameras and video doorbells are able can recognize packages and alert that they’ve landed at your residence.

Translate is now equipped with quality of life features that are supposed to allow for seamless translation between languages.

Gaming control: Apple is looking to enhance its gaming experience on its mobile devices through the introduction of new, virtual game controls it’s bringing on iOS 15. The controls include the virtual joystick, which includes the accompanying set of tools for developers to ensure that game developers can incorporate support to their iOS games.

accessibility: iOS 15 introduces or enhances accessibility options in the OS and includes sweeping enhancements to VoiceOver.

Notes: The Notes application has been revamped with user-created tags in categorizing notes. You can inform others who have shared your notes about the latest updates and check out the most recent activities. We’ve provided a detailed breakdown of iOS 15 Notes of what you will see.

Security: iOS 15 follows the following in iOS 14.5’s predecessors by providing more extensive privacy features. Speech recognition is implemented on the device by default including Siri requests. Privacy Protection for Mail Privacy Protection stops the sender from noticing that you’ve opened your email. It can also stop them from getting the IP addresses of your users. In addition, App Privacy Report gives an overview of which apps have used certain permissions in the past seven days.

The new widgets are available: Apple is announcing new widgets for iOS 15 for such apps and features as Find My, Game Center, App Store Today, Sleep, Mail, and for people who have Family Sharing integrated. This is a review of the new iOS 15 widgets.

iCloud Plus Although it isn’t directly connected to iOS 15 iCloud will be getting an upgrade. All paid subscriptions will transition to iCloud Plus and will include several new features. One of them is the iCloud Private Relay lets you connect to websites while concealing your IP address, and also encrypting your data; Hide My Email adopts the Sign-In using Apple feature that lets you create distinct disposable email addresses to be used at occasions when you don’t want to reveal your actual email address on an online registration form or form. Furthermore, iCloud Plus expands support for HomeKit Secure Video.

iCloud Plus plans start out with 50GB of storage and the use of one HomeKit Secure Video camera for 99 cents per month. Plans include upwards to 2TB storage with unlimitless cameras at $9.99/month.

What’s not included in iOS 15 at launch

We’ve already mentioned that SharePlay will not be available in iOS 15’s FaceTime app until iOS 15.1 update However, that’s not even the only one of the announced iOS 15 new features Apple will be taking more time with. Here’s a list with other features to be added in later updates.

A digital legacy option, which you are able to designate someone to assume your account following your death, won’t be available until the end of this year.

Hide My Email will arrive in Mail as part of an update to iOS 15 and the Apple iPad as well as Mac software.

Of course, the capability to add keys and IDs that are digital to the Wallet application on your iPhone is dependent on government agencies and third-party companies including support.

iOS 15 bugs

Every software update comes with some bugs and unfortunately, iOS 15 is no exception. Here’s an overview of iOS 15 bug reports we’ve received so to date, and any fixes available. The fixes are likely to be available in the upcoming iOS upgrades from Apple.

A few users, which includes Tom’s Guide staffers — have complained they’ve noticed that iOS 15 breaks some features in AirPods AirPods, Apple’s wireless headphones. Problems include issues with pairing and dropping audio. There’s not a solution available as of now.

Spotify has admitted that its app has caused an energy drain on iOS 15 and is seeking solutions. At present, Spotify suggests deleting and restarting the app on your smartphone.

An independent researcher claims that there are three unresolved security flaws that are present in iOS 15, and although they’re significant, they’re not crucial at the moment.

Are any of these bugs going to hinder you from upgrading to iOS 15? The AirPod problem seems to affect the majority of people, and those who depend on AirPods for daily routine, you might prefer to wait until an update for the software is available to fix the issue.

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