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Do you think that it is hard to activate the channel on your home TV by visiting or to make a account at to watch your #1 channel on your contraptions like Roku, Smart TV, Xbox, PS4, or PS3? This guide will help you understand how to enable the lifetime channel.

How to Enter a Lifetime Code?

When you visit the web-based interface, you will actually want to activate my lifetime streaming channel once you enter the MyLifetime activation code, then, at that point select your device.

LifeTime was established in 1984. The company’s headquarters are located within New York City. It provides satellite and cable television services across the United States. They’ve offered broadcasting services to more than 95,020,000 American households in the past.

It’s easy to activate the Lifetime channel. You are needed to go to, then, at that point pick the home gadget you need to activate, select your TV link supplier, type in the Lifetime activation code displayed to you, at last, activate the motion pictures streaming station on your home TV media player whenever you’re taken to your link supplier’s organization administration.

To stream television shows, and cinemas to Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Amazon Fire TV, a valid My LifeTime membership is required.

MyLifetime App Supported Devices

Every gadget is able to be activated as you are in the hands of The next activated gadgets are available.

iPhone, iPad & Android

Apple TV


Android TV

Amazon Fire TV


Samsung TV

Xbox one

Follow the steps below to set up your profile.

Visit or

Select the name of your device

Install the Mylifetime App on your device

Look up MyLifetime activation codes

Return to the My Lifetime activate tab.

You must enter the activation number

Click on “Continue”

The lifetime accounts will now be set up successfully. Then you can start your movie from wherever you have left them.

Activate MyLifetime on Smart TV

Start your program and navigate to the My Lifetime activation page at

Once the page is open After the page has opened, you must choose your device. To turn on My Lifetime on your smart TV, simply click the Apple TV. If you want to enable Roku then click Roku.

Then, enter your My Lifetime activation Code on the screen of your television. In order to confirm that you have subscribed for “My Lifetime”, click on the Continue button.

Once you’ve completed the registration process and completing the registration process, you’ll be redirected back to the cable provider’s website. Log in with your login credentials for a second time.

Watch to see “My Lifetime Channel”, to appear in your gadget for a couple of minutes. Then you’re done.

It is not necessary to follow the same procedure each time you play My Lifetime channels on your device.

Once you’ve activated your phone, you will be able to watch your preferred Lifetime shows, such as Dance Moms. You can use your device to stream Married at First Sight and other Lifetime shows.

How To Activate on Roku TV

These steps will help you understand how to enable Roku TV at

Click on the Roku TV’s Home button to gain access to your “Roku Channels Store” section.

To find Lifetime’s app, just type “Lifetime Channel” in the section Movies & TV category.

Next, click Add Channel on the “Lifetime” Channel.

The Lifetime app is available to download to be installed onto the Roku media player.

Go to the Lifetime app, and then go to “My Channels”.

Now, you need to generate your activation code

Open your browser and visit and select Roku

Enter your Mylifetime authorization code to access Roku.

Hit the Submit button.

You can now stream Mylifetime films through Roku TV if you are connected.

Activate MyLifetime on Apple TV

You must follow these directions to enable the Apple TV. After that, you are able to start streaming MyLifetime on Your Apple device.

Find the Lifetime app using the Apple TV internet browser.

Simply click on”Lifetime” or the “Lifetime App” icon to activate the coupon.

Open your browser and visit

Choose Apple TV.

It is important to enter the Apple TV activation code must be entered into your device’s screen.

Authorize the activation code.

Official link –

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