Apply Pre Approved Confirmation Number (First Premier Bank)

First Premier Bank Platinum Credit Card Offer

  • Apply for the First Premier Bank Platinum Credit Card
  • requires the confirmation number.
  • This Platinum credit card was made for those who have not perfect but less-than ideal credit

It is the First Premier Bank Platinum Credit Card is available to legal residents of United States who are 18 years old or older and earn a steady income (a good credit score is not necessary).


To apply for the confirmation number, visit Pre-approved conformation numbers. The application takes about 5 minutes to complete . those who have the confirmation number are very likely to be accepted since they have been screened. Pre Approved Confirmation Number Highlights

  • A reliable credit card for those who want to improve their credit score with regular payment of credit card
  • The cards were issued by First Premier Bank who is Proud Members FDIC
  • Consumers with a good credit score will want to look elsewhere (GetMyOffer.CapitalOne)
  • People who don’t possess a Platinum Offer Confirmation Number are still eligible to apply, but are less likely to be accepted as they haven’t been pre-screened


First PREMIER Bank


To apply for a job without confirmation numbers, please visit and include the applicant’s first and last names along with the address of their street and the last 4 numbers from their SSN.

All questions and concerns related to this offer Platinum First Premier Bank Credit Card offer may be addressed towards First PREMIER Bank, P.O. 5524 Box, Sioux Falls, SD 577117-5524, or toll free 800-987-5521. Online Reviews

“First Premiere decided to take a risk on me, when nobody else would, and that is saying an awful lot! I don’t know what the people are complaining about The APR and the fees are included in the contract you sign and you can approve it and if you aren’t happy with it, do not sign the contract! The company isn’t doing something that other companies do not.

I am aware that Amex offers a massive annual cost for most of its cards. I’ll gladly pay my annual fee to build my credit and show the world that First Premiere made a good choice in deciding to trust me. I am very grateful for this chance, my score increased tremendously since I was approved.

I have gone from a score of 425 to 568 in just two months.

currently have 2 additional cards and just got accepted for a new unsecured card. I strive to limit my usage and pay more than the what is required to pay. I am on the way to a more secure financial future and could not have made it with out First Premiere giving me a chance. 

I’ve heard people talk about the giving CL is increasing within the 2 to 3 months, but every time I’ve asked for one, I’ve been rejected. However, this doesn’t cause any issues for me…they began me with a fair limit of $400. Thank you First Premiere. We will use them for the many years to come.”

“Do not apply for this credit card… I have two cards and will never pay off. I included my monthly payment of 14.50 per month and the annual fee of 47. God beware if you use the card to use the card to purchase anything, the interest rate is very excessively. 

So you are paying them 227 dollars a year for the credit card? I’ve been through credit card transactions that are over the most fraudulent credit card in the history of mankind. Throw your money away. Don’t apply for this card”

It is worth noting that the Platinum First Premier Bank Credit Card has received both good and negative reviews. A majority of the negative reviews are related to high costs, however this should be expected from those with a low credit score. 

The bottom line is that this is a good card for those who want to improve their credit score and are willing to make timely payments but are having difficulty being approved for a conventional credit card.


  2. Pre Approved Confirmation Number


Is First Premier a good credit card?

The cards that are available to people who have poor credit are likely to carry more expensive rates and charges and you’ll need to research your options before signing any dotted line. 

This card, called the First Premier Bank Mastercard is an excellent illustration. It’s an unsecure card that allows the ability to accept a wider array of credit profiles than other credit cards.

What can I do to check what’s happening with my First Premier credit card?

If you’d like to know whether you are in the First Premier Credit Card Application Status, contact 800-987-521.

What is the best way to pay for my initial Bank processing charge?

Although First Premier Bank requires a checking account in order to be eligible on their credit card programs, it is possible to pay many options to pay for the processing cost. 

Options for payment include bank drafts or personal check cashier’s check, debit card and a different credit card. First Premier will not open an account until it is paid an amount for processing.

How do I make for my very First Premier credit card?

If your bank provides this BillPay service, make your money through First Premier Bank (as the payee) at PO Box 5529, Sioux Falls , SD , 557117-5529. Enter your credit card’s 16-digit number into your account’s account number.

Is First Premier Bank Platinum Mastercard good?

I like the aspect it is that First PREMIER Bank Platinum Credit Card is an unsecure card for people with bad credit. The drawback to this particular card would be that it has an annual fee, one-time fee, and the APR.There’s another great feature of this card, the monthly charges are

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