Samsung Galaxy Note 21: Why it’s not happening

an image of a Samsung Galaxy note 21 concept render


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It’s possible to be a bit sad to hear that the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 seems to be dead. Samsung has made its own announcement and stated that there will be no Galaxy Note phone this year and possibly in the near future.

However, it is possible that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might take over the Note series’ torch, adding some of the most popular characteristics of Note handsets into the biggest version of the rumored next-generation Samsung phone.

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What is it that Galaxy Note users use to fill in the gap? An answer is an option called the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which comes with S Pen support. Then there’s The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 that also comes with S Pen support and a large folding display, along with a plethora of other cool features. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 might be gone, but its spirit is still alive.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 21 news (updated October 4)

It is possible that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could include Galaxy Note DNA in it and thus make it the Note successor.

Samsung hasn’t officially renewed its Note trademark. This means that it’s almost gone.

It is believed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 will be a non-issue this year, but Samsung’s president and chief in mobile communications stated that the company is planning to launch “a fresh Galaxy Note this time around.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 21: Why it isn’t shipping

Then, in the middle of last year, there was a rumor about Samsung had plans to cancel the 2021 Galaxy Note update.

These rumors gained momentum after it became apparent that Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra would be the first smartphone not from the Galaxy Note that works with the S Pen stylus. Samsung Electronics president TM Roh also spoke about the company’s plans to launch more phones that can fold, not letting those with the Note 21 out in the cold.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 replaced by Galaxy Z Fold 3

photo of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
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As we mentioned earlier, Samsung is focusing on foldable phones this year in order to incorporate Note features in its next-generation foldable phones. As we review the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review, we see that the South Korean company has done exactly that.

In addition to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 having its customized S Pen, Samsung hasn’t been shy about adding this feature to its foldable flagship. However, the lack of an efficient S Pen storage does grate somewhat in the same way as the fact that it’s an additional peripheral that you can purchase in addition to the already expensive foldable phone.

an image of a Samsung Galaxy note 21 concept render
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If Samsung decides to offer foldable devices in the near future it is unlikely that we will have the new Note phone in the near future. But it’s not gone forever, since there’s always the possibility of the anniversary version and/or Fan Edition some point down the road.

It’s too early to tell in this particular case, and there’s a good chance Samsung might revisit its Note model in the coming year or 2023. We wouldn’t bet on it, however, since for work folding phones appear to be an option that is better than single-screen models.

an image of a Samsung Galaxy note 21 concept render
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Samsung Galaxy Note 21: What would you like to see?

If Samsung will ever return to the Note series or look at incorporating the best features of the Note line in future Galaxy S-series phones We’d like to have.

Unique S Pen features: A potential Note-like phone requires an incentive to attract customers beyond having users with an S Pen since you can access it with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung has always had an issue with offering a variety of different phone models that overlap and could fix this issue by making the stylus that’s built into the Note 21 more adaptable, like creating the air gesture control as we’ve seen in previous versions.

The top specifications Samsung has to offer: It’s good that the basic Galaxy S21 is now able to compete with or even beat other phones in terms of price, however, to achieve this, Samsung has trimmed specs such as memory and resolution of the display. Because the S21 is now the flagship entry-level niche that it has covered it’s nice to see the Galaxy Note act as a premium phone with more memory and as many pixels as Samsung can squeeze into the phone.

Under-display camera for selfies: This might be a longer-term solution, but there’d be the best option to steal its rival’s thunder and say farewell to the Note series if that happens to happen and you want to give the phone a hi-tech under-display camera.

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