Samsung Galaxy S22 release date, price, specs and leaks

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There are rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S22 rumors are increasing as we get closer to the expected launch that is scheduled for the beginning of 2022, or perhaps in December.

The features that are being rumored on Galaxy S22 have been largely unveiled. Galaxy S22 tends to focus on cameras that have been upgraded. However, other reports have a Galaxy 22 predicted to get Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 895 processor or the company’s own Exynos 2200 chip, which is a slimmer display with a smaller size, and a possibility of an under-display camera.

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The upgrades will be welcomed. Although the Samsung Galaxy S21 Review was mostly positive, consumers were not all that thrilled about the three flagship Samsung phones.

A little improvement in camera performance is appreciated since it is the case that the iPhone 13 series delivers better quality images quality over the S21 in certain scenarios. The Galaxy S22 will also have to compete with the Google Pixel 6 and its Tensor chip.

Here are the first speculations about this series, the Samsung Galaxy S22, and what we’d like to see from this series.

Samsung Galaxy S22 news (updated October 22)

A picture of what’s believed to be Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s front panel is now revealed and showcases the sleek appearance.

The latest renders unofficially of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra reveal a “waterdrop” design for the rear camera This is a big contrast in comparison to the S21 and earlier leaks.

A brand new Galaxy S22 leak of alleged diagrams of the potential dimensions and layout that could be used for S22, S22 Pro, and S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S22 release date Rumors

It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will likely be launched in the first quarter of 2022. Samsung has moved the release date for its Galaxy S21 from its typical February release date to the 29th of January.

A recent report suggests that an upcoming report that has the Galaxy S22 tipped to be launched on February 28, just before MWC 2022. The accuracy of this information can’t be determined however it could suggest that an announcement of the Galaxy S22 line-up would launch within the same timeframe as the Samsung phones that were released two years ago.

Another possibility is an unexpectedly early launch date in December 2021 according to leaked leaker Ice Universe. Although it means that an earlier launch for the Galaxy S22 would launch before the Galaxy S21 was even a year old, it could also give Samsung an advantage in competing with Apple’s iPhone 13 range, as also the expected Google Pixel 6.

Samsung will be hosting their Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 event today (Oct. 20) However, we’re not anticipating seeing the Galaxy S22 be unveiled at the event. There have been some strange things that have happened but you should be sure to follow the live blog of our Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 live blog to stay current with the latest news as it unfolds.

Samsung Galaxy S22 price

We’ve not heard any news about pricing for the Galaxy S22 price yet, however, we expect that Samsung will maintain prices comparable to that of the Galaxy S21 lineup. The company has cut the price for the 3 models to $200 and we’re not expecting price increases.

So, if Samsung is constant and keeps its price consistent, then the Galaxy S22 will cost $799 The Galaxy S22 Plus will be $199, as well. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be priced at $1,199. It is going to be interesting to see what happens if Samsung will launch a cheaper Galaxy S21 FE sometime between the time of the launch and when the S22 will be launched however there is a possibility about it could be delayed due to the shortage of chips. S21 FE could be delayed because of the current shortage of chips across the globe.

Samsung Galaxy S22 design

If the rumored leaks of Galaxy S22 diagrams are to be taken at face value The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Pro will have a similar design similar to their S21 predecessor, but with smaller sizes.

The standard S22 could be 149.98 in x 70.56 x 7.65mm in comparison to 151.7x 71.2 7.1.2 7.9mm. Also, the Galaxy S22 Pro (not the Plus) could have 157.43 75.83 x 75.83 7.65mm. 7.65mm on that S22 Pro; the S21 Plus was 161.5 x 75.6 7.8mm. 7.8mm.

One major change which could be coming on Galaxy S22 Galaxy S22 is an under-display camera, which has been introduced with mixed results on Galaxy Z Fold 3. Galaxy Z Fold 3. This could allow for a full-screen display without the conventional punch hole that is located on the upper edge of the screen.

However, a different theory coming from Ice Universe claims the Galaxy S22 may not have an under-display camera at all. While the technology might be making it’s Samsung launch on Galaxy Z Fold 3, it produced pretty poor outcomes, and it could be the case that Samsung isn’t taking its time when it comes to this piece of technology.

Another tip via leaker Mauri QHD on Twitter states it is possible that Samsung Galaxy S22 will feature an elongated design, which is similar to Galaxy S21. Galaxy S21. But, it could lead to smaller-sized batteries.

There’s also a collection of concept renderings for Galaxy S22. Galaxy S22 from LetsGoDigital highlights possible design changes. They include a large main camera, flanked by smaller cameras, and an Active cooling mechanism.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

It could be very interesting when we hear about the Ultra model from Galaxy S22. Galaxy S22 line, as the phone is expected to inherit a significant portion of the DNA of the mysteriously dead Galaxy Note line.

A new set of photos of what’s believed to be a fake model that is part of Galaxy S22 Ultra. Galaxy S22 Ultra shows off the possibility of an uninspiring, square-off shape that is reminiscent of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The typically reliable leaker OnLeakers has also released renders unofficially of Galaxy S22. Galaxy S22 family, with models of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra showing an unusual camera array with a “P” form, as evident in the mock-up units. A Note-like style is also evident as well as an S Pen dock, though this was not present in the dummy units. the jury’s out regarding this model. Galaxy S22 Ultra has a built-in S Pen holder.

To back up the renders leaker Ice Universe has shared some leaked renders which are believed to be from the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s casing. They also reveal a cutout for the camera module in the shape of a P and also indicate a similar design to the Note.

A new rendering from the Galaxy S22 Ultra has shown an unveiled phone sporting an alternative take on the P-shaped camera. the phone sports the same basic P-shape but is divided into two components which each houses a trio of cameras while the smaller, pill-shaped one has two cameras.

There’s a third possibility of the way rear cameras might appear to be. The most recent design, which is supported by leakers IceUniverse and FrontTron It was created through Technizo Concep T to LetsGoDigital and features a “waterdrop” camera setup, with all lenses placed in a separate location and flush with the rear side of the handset. The unique design could make the S22 very different from earlier Galaxy S phones.

The rumors of a camera with a P-shaped design received more weight due to what’s said to have been a leaked image of Galaxy S22 Ultra’s rear panel. In the image above the cut-outs are for cameras, which match the designs that we’ve seen on the renderings thus far. This provides us with another clue about the way that it could look. Galaxy S212 Ultra could have the most elegant design.

In other words, the similar square-edged design, with a gently curved display is on display and draws inspiration from the Galaxy Note’s design and appears to be quite smooth. Of course, it’s only a concept rendering and we should be sure to take them with some caution.

For dimensions in terms of dimensions, it is a bit smaller than the Galaxy S22 Ultra is tipped to be 163.29 x 77.87 and 9.05mm this would be larger over the frame of the S21 Ultra’s 165.1 x 75.6 8.9mm frame. 8.9mm frame.

Samsung Galaxy S22 displays

A leaker named Mauri QHD Mauri QHD, who has a decent track record of Samsung leaks, suggests that Samsung is reducing the size of the screens of Galaxy S22. Galaxy S22 lineup compared to the Galaxy S21; Ice Universe is another reliable leaker who has reported the same. Our view is that this is a good thing, and it is possible that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 could save us from phones that are too big.

Galaxy S22 would have a screen size of Galaxy S22 would be 6.06 inches (down from 6.2 inches on the S21) The S22 Plus would sport a 6.5-inch panel (down from 6.7 inches), as well as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which would be 6.81 inches (down from 6.9 inches).

S22 Plus’ display shrinkage was confirmed by the S22 Plus’ display shrinkage was further confirmed by the findings of SlashGear.

Additionally, Mauri QHD claims that only the Galaxy S22 Ultra will boast LTPO technology, meaning that only it will be capable of scaling the rate of refresh on the display from 120Hz to 1Hz. This can help save the battery’s life.

As for the mix of products One report from the Elec states it is likely that the 6.1-inch Galaxy S22 will see the largest amount of production, with 50-60 percent. Only 20% of that allocated space is believed to be 6.6-inch S22 Plus. Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra will apparently be responsible for the remaining 20-30 percent.

Samsung Galaxy S22 cameras

The Galaxy S22 camera upgrade could be in the form of a possible Samsung collaboration with Olympus. According to numerous tweets from reliable sources The two companies are expected to collaborate with cameras for the upcoming phones and a Galaxy S22 Ultra is tipped to be the first smartphone to receive the latest tech.

Since Olympus recently announced plans to work with other companies it’s possible that this rumor could be to pass, even though there’s no official confirmation yet.

A previous rumor by sources like Ice Universe and Digital Chat Station indicates it is possible that there is a possibility that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will come with a massive 200MP camera to compete with iPhone 13. iPhone 13. In a recent leak, Ice Universe has backtracked and said they believe that they believe that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will come with a 108MP upgrade instead of a camera with 200MP. Instead of increasing the number of megapixels, Samsung could instead concentrate on image processing as well as computational photography.

The standard Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus may include the main camera lens with 50MP as well as 12MP ultrawide and Telephoto lenses. In the case of the camera with 50MP, there is a rumor that has a Galaxy S22 is tipped to use an RGBW sensor. While the majority of camera sensors in phones depend on the green, red as well as blue (RGB) sub-pixels in order to reproduce photos with colors The model is believed to have an additional white sub-pixel and, as such, RGBW. This sensor is likely to deliver better colors in scenes with high contrast this is an area where Samsung phones have been struggling with.

What is the power of zooming? There is a rumor of being the Galaxy S22 offering a 3X zoom lens for telephotos with a resolution of 10 MP. It would be an improvement over the earlier three-fold hybrid zoom.

Samsung is also believed to be testing the capability to shoot video in 8Kin 60 frames per minute in Samsung’s Galaxy S22. This would be a huge enhancement over Galaxy S21 Ultra, which has a maximum speed of 24 frames per second for video in 8K. There are few users with 8K TVs because they’re costly. This upgrade will make for a better future-proof phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 S Pen support

As per leaker Ice Universe, The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could come with the integrated S Pen and slot, that could transform it into a Galaxy Note device. This would be logical given that Samsung has offered S Pen support on the earlier S21 Ultra but without a Holster.

Furthermore, the S22 Ultra’s design could be akin to that of the Galaxy Note series, which could have a more squared-off appearance, as well as a larger aspect ratio. This would be logical because it would give more room to write on.

We’re not sure if Samsung’s Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S22 Plus will receive S Pen support.

Samsung Galaxy S22 specs and graphics

The primary chip that powers Samsung’s Galaxy S22 could be the new Snapdragon 895 that is believed to be a chip with a 4nm process. Rumors have been that Samsung may be the manufacturer of this Snapdragon 895.

Under the hood, underneath, the Samsung Galaxy S22 could get an enormous increase in the power of graphics using a GPU based upon AMD’s rDNA 2 architecture, which is the basis for both the PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X. This doesn’t mean that it won’t. Galaxy S22 will have the capabilities of the most recent games consoles. However, it might easily outdo the phones in our top gaming phone list.

The rumor gained more credibility after a report suggesting that Samsung is testing various variations of the Exynos 2200 processor that features AMD graphics. The reliable leaker Ice Universe shared an alleged Wild Life results on Twitter regarding the performance of one configuration. The graphics tests showed an average score of 8,134 points and an FPS average of 50.3. This is quite impressive for an Android phone.

The 2200 chip might support the use of ray tracing. It was confirmed by Samsung through the company’s Weibo account, however, the post was later deleted. If the report is true it will create the S22 an amazing smartphone that can be used for gaming. In the event, that game developers could create games that could support the S22.

There’s no way to tell if any of the AMD technology can be used in Samsung’s Exynos 2200 processor, or should be incorporated into Snapdragon 895. Snapdragon 895.

The Samsung Galaxy S22’s battery is charged and recharged

The initial Galaxy S22 rumors centered around charging. We’ve heard Samsung could bring back up to 65W fast charging on Samsung’s Galaxy S22. This is a rumor attributed to the well-known leaker Ice Universe, which claims that Samsung is currently testing 25W, 45W along with 65W and 25W charges.

But, this may it’s not the situation, as an updated listing of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 range seen on China’s 3C technology regulator’s website will show that the new flagship phone is expected to use the same 25W charging as the predecessor. This could be a huge disappointment, considering the earlier speculations as well as the reality that Samsung does not have the same capabilities as other brands like Oppo and OnePlus in terms of charging speed and wattage.

Ice Universe has some other details regarding potential Galaxy S22 batteries. The leaker says that the Galaxy S22 will offer a 3800 mAh power source, and it is expected that the Galaxy S22 Plus will use a mAh of 4,600both are 200 mAh decreases. Galaxy S22 Ultra Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to maintain the same 5,000 mAh capacity as the predecessor.

But, a brand new listing, supposedly from 3C Certification China’s compliance services for electrical devices It has revealed what’s thought to be Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra with lower capacity batteries than their previous models.

Galaxy S22 Plus Galaxy S22 Plus could have a 4370 mAh battery, while it is possible that the Galaxy S22 Ultra could come with a 4,855mAh battery capacity. This means that the battery could be much less than Ice Universe has claimed. The battery size reported by Ice Universe does contrast with another report published by Dutch site GalaxyClub that claims that the S22 Plus will have a 4,500 mAh battery. Whatever the case it is trending downwards.

The above information has been confirmed by a new report that suggests the Samsung Galaxy S22 could have smaller batteries than its predecessor, the Galaxy S21. The rumor claims that that the Galaxy S22 will have a battery with a capacity of 3,901 mAh. This is not enough for 2021 specifications, let not even 2022. A certificate posted on Safety Korea also corroborated this claim, after posting the battery that was claimed to be that of the Galaxy S22. The battery was said to have an overall capacity of 3.700 mAh and the usable capacity was 3,590 mAh.

But, we don’t have any method to confirm this information. Also, Samsung may have placed a higher priority on optimizing battery capacity over the performance in order to provide the longest battery life possible.

Samsung Galaxy S22: What do we want to see?

In the time remaining until the launch of the S22, We’ve compiled a list of features we’d like Samsung will add to the list.

A truly full-screen design: This is rumored to be a reality, therefore it’s not an unreasonable request. We’d love to see a design with a full-screen display on Samsung’s Galaxy S22 with a front camera that is removed when you don’t require it. We’d prefer to be able to run apps in full-screen mode, without needing to go through settings as you do in some games and apps.

A better display Samsung decreased the resolution on its Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus from quad HD to 1080p, probably to cut costs. It would be great if the highest resolution was not a Galaxy S22 Ultra-exclusive feature this time around.

S Pen support for all Galaxy S22: Right currently only Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra supports the S Pen as an option however Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus don’t. If Samsung is interested in bringing S Pen support to more models, having the digitizer on the three Galaxy S22 models would be very welcome.

Speedier charging (even when it’s not on the package): After offering a 45W charger for Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung has withdrawn that offer on its Galaxy S21 lineup. A leak however suggests Samsung unveiling an additional 65W charger. we’d like to see it compatible with that model on the Galaxy S22 lineup.

longer battery lifespan: The Galaxy S21’s battery performance was decent however it could be improved. In tests like Tom’s Guide Battery Test, the standard Galaxy S21 lasted 9 hours and 53 minutes while surfing on 5G, and then it slowed down to 6:31 when using adaptive display mode enabled.

Its Galaxy S21 Ultra fared better in endurance, lasting an average of 11 hours, 25 mins in 60Hz mode, and 10:07 when in the adaptive mode. Remember that the adaptive display of the S21 Ultra is more lively since it has the ability to be scaled down to 10 Hz, compared to 48Hz on S21 and S21 or S21 Plus. It would be great to see Samsung could equipped with the S22 along with the S22 Plus using the same rate that it has on the Ultra for the next smartphones.

More efficient cooling some Galaxy S21 users and reviewers have complained that the Galaxy S22 can run quite hot during heavy use and when gaming for longer periods. It would be nice to have a better cooler cooling system for this Galaxy S22.

Reintroduce microSDThe Galaxy S21 saw the elimination of the microSD card slot much to the dismay of many users and their fans. Although Samsung did not provide a reason for this, we believe that it has something to do with being related to keeping the S21 costs as low as is feasible. However, this does not mean that we don’t want the possibility of expanding storage back with Samsung’s Galaxy S22. Samsung was among the last defenders of this feature on the top market, after all.

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