Sony Crackle Activate – Activation Process Of Crackle On Any Devices

Sony Crackle TV is a completely streaming service that is completely free. The TV offers original movies television shows, movies, and shows that are reviewed each month. Crackle is an affordable cost-free option for pre-subscriptions and is a great way to experience more entertainment at any time without having to pay a penny.

If you don’t wish the cost of premium programming on Netflix, Hulu, PlayStation, Vh1, or Amazon Prime Video you can opt for Sony Crackle as it offers an option that is worth considering, although its collection includes old films and shows.

Sony Entertainment has launched’s website, in which its library contains content of its own and other production companies. This service is accessible across 21 countries and distributes content with no costs. Crackle remains one of the most widely used channels, atop all streaming devices.

The channel was initially launched under the name ‘Grouper’ but was later completely transformed into Crackle. It is possible to find the majority of the channels for free films, shows, and channels that are available on Crackle.

Therefore, Crackle may be the ideal solution for people looking for full-time entertainment that is free. The contents on the channel are ads-supported and you will have to be prepared to face all the ads in order in order to enjoy free shows.

In this blog, we will be discussing how to activate crackle on different gadgets with the activation code using the link

Platforms that allow you to access Crackle streaming


Fire TV

Xbox 360

PlayStation PS3

Apple TV

Signing up for Crackle

Then, you must visit the URL from your smartphone or computer.

Click to the Register option that is located below in the Login tab.

Enter your valid personal information.

Create a user ID and password.

Next, press the Login tab, then fill in the correct information you entered when registering.

You’re now signed into the Sony Crackle. You can now enjoy watching your favorite shows.

How do I get the crackle activation code?

The code that you get on the TV screen. If you wish to activate online the Crackle TV then go to Then click “Activate This Device” with the action plan available in the Crackle TV app free for activation.

Let’s begin to enable Crackle TV. Crackle TV on different devices.

How To Activate Crackle On Roku?

Follow the steps below Take the following steps:

First, on your Roku remote, press the Home button.

Then, look for Crackle on the internet. Crackle application so you can download it.

A code for activation will pop the screen. After that, you must lookup for the Crackle app and download it.

On your smartphone or browser then click on in order to start the process.

Then, enter the code you received, and that’s how Crackle will be created. A crackle application will be created.

In certain cases, it is possible that the activation code will not appear on your TV’s screen, or may not work with a Roku device. It is necessary to follow the steps below to fix it.

In the first instance first, you need to click in the first case, then tap the “Crackle” app to open.

Visit the menu and you’ll find”My Sony Crackle” under the “My Sony Crackle” tab.

Finally, you must click on”Activation” then click on the “Activation” tab.

The code will appear on the screen of your TV. If you have it, follow the procedure to create Crackle using the Roku device.

How do I On Fire TV?

These are the steps that must be followed in order to enable Crackle to work on Fire TV:

First and foremost, go to the site at on the device.

Then, enter the password and open then the Fire TV application and then navigate to”My Sony Crackle. “My Sony Crackle” tab.

Now, you need to search and hit on the “Activate This Device” tab and enter the code at

You may be asked to wait for a short period of time before a message will appear informing you that the app is enabled by Fire TV.

Now, you can sync your Crackle account to your Fire TV.

You can now relax and watch your favorite shows.

How do I enable the Crackle on the Xbox 360?

Explore on the Internet using this for Xbox 360.

These are the steps that must be followed to enable the device:

The first step is to must search “Crackle” in the app store for Xbox 360. Xbox 360.

After that, click the add button in order to install to the “Crackle Xbox” app by selecting the Install tab.

Go to the Apple Store, and then tap the install tab to install the crackle application from there.

Click on “App” to get the activation code.

Then, type forward slash to enable on your computer.

A web page will be opened and you must paste the code into the box you have been provided.

Then click to”Submit” and then click on the “Submit” tab.

Once you have selected the TV provider’s network, and then log into the device.

Wait until you get the message of success that appears on the screen of your computer.

When you get the message you are able to stream Crackle using the Xbox 360.

How can I turn on crackle for PS3 consoles?

Below are the instructions to follow to activate the crackle application on PS3 The steps are as follows:

On the home page, you have to access the library on PS3.

Choose the appropriate folder for purchase.

Then, you then scan then the “Crackle app” and launch the television shows as well as the application of the show.

Then, tap the login button and enter in the username and password.

Now proceed to hit on the “My Sony Crackle” tab and write down the code for activation by utilizing the link ps3.

Enter the code into the field that is provided.

Select the provider network and select the login tab.

Keep an eye out for the notification that will inform you that the activation was successful.

After you receive the notification, you are able to stream on the PlayStation.

How do I on Apple television?

Here’s the procedure to enable the crackle feature on Apple TV:-

In the first place, look up”App Store” first. Then, search for “App Store” and install the app on your Apple device.

After that, you can start the app you have installed the app in. An activation number will appear.

Now, from any device or gadget visit the URL

You must then enter the code. After that, you need to click the Next tab and follow the instructions on the screen.

The app will run on the device, but be sure you log into your account via your mobile device or computer prior to making the change.

The above article can help you on how to activate the Crackle channel by following simple and simple steps. If you have any issues or you have questions, you can get in touch with our support staff directly. You can also make your request via the mentioned link.

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