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Sony LIV is a video-on-demand service operated by Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. Through this application you can also watch a wide variety of channels and original programming. It is among the leading streaming services in India and there are a variety of Indian serials and shows. So today we will tell you in this guide how you can install and activate the Sony LIV app on your smart TV by using

How to activate SonyLIV on smart TV by using

On your TV with a smart screen (Make sure that your TV has an internet connection).

Find it by opening the Sony LIV application on your TV’s smart screen.

If you don’t have a SonyLIV application installed for the Smart TV, then you can download it from the app store in addition.

Visit the app store and select”search.

Enter “Sony Liv” and then click”Sony Liv” and then click on.

Now choose the Sony Live app from the results of a search.

Click the installation button and hold it for a few minutes until the installation has been completed.

Now open the SonyLIV app from the homepage.

Then, navigate to the sign-in menu and click it.

After a few minutes, an activation code will appear on your display. Note it down or simply pause your display.

Be aware that all the steps listed above are to install the SonyLIV application on a Smart TV. And the rest of the steps are for activating SonyLIV by using

Visit from any other device such as mobile or computer.

Then you’ll be asked to enter your email and telephone number. Enter your linked account’s information or number in the field provided.

Enter the activated code in the appropriate field, then click the activate device.

In a short time, the activated code is accepted.

Connect the smart television and then refresh your screen. Then you can stream the SonyLIV app to the smart television you have.

How to activate SonyLIV on Android TV by using

Be sure to connect to an internet service that is active.

Visit Google PlayStore. Google Play Store from on your desktop.

Then click then the Search icon on the upper screen.

Enter “Sony Liv” in the search box by using the keyboard that is on-screen.

Choose the Sony Liv application from the results of your search.

Click the Install option on another page.

After installing, you can launch the application.

Visit the sign-in link and complete your credentials for your account in the required field.

In the next few minutes, an activation key will be delivered to your TV’s screen.

Move on to another device and go to the link.

You will be asked to provide your email address or telephone number.

Enter the activation number in the text field.

Then, click on the button to activate the device.


How to activate SonyLIV on Apple TV by using

Make sure your gadget is connected to an internet connection that is active.

Click on the desktop and select the App Store.

Navigate to using the Search icon on the bar at the top and then click it.

Click “Sony LIV” with the use of the virtual keyboard.

Click the Install link on the following page.

after the installation process has been completed, you can begin the application.

Click on the sign-in page and input your username and password.

After you sign up, the activation number will be displayed on the screen of your TV. Write it down or stop your TV.

Launch any browser on your mobile or computer and visit the website.

Fill in your registered email account or telephone numbers in the text field.

Send the activate codeine the field provided and select the “Activate Device” activate device button.

Your screen will refresh automatically after activation has been completed. be completed.

What is the number of channels offered via Sony Liv?

In the SonyLIV app, you can choose from 21 channels available to stream. Of these channels, there are channels that are designed for sports while others are in the entertainment segment.

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Is Sony Liv free?

You can’t watch Sony LIV without subscribing. There is however a subscription plan that you can stream Sony LIV for absolutely free.

In this plan, you will only be able to watch shows like The Kapil Sharma Show and TMKOC shows. This subscription can’t stream live games or the most recent shows. Ads will also be shown between the movies and shows.

Do you have the ability to download the content of Sony Liv?

Of course, you are able to download the entire content of the Sonyliv app. This includes live broadcasts only. You can stream these shows in the future even without access to the internet.

How many screens can Sony Liv support at a time?

The Sony LIV app is on only one screen at a. If you would like to stream on two screens, then you will need to be a subscriber to Liv Premium annual and semi-annual plans. This is the only way to stream on 2 screens simultaneously.

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Sony LIV app isn’t running for me on this device?

In the beginning, determine if your device supports the Sony LIV application or not.

Your Internet speed could be too slow to stream Sony LIV content.

Internet connection could not be connected correctly.

You can try other devices, such as Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, and many more.

Get in touch with Sony LIV customer service.

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