Xbox Series X restock update: Track on Twitter, GameStop, Best Buy and more

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It’s been frustratingly slow this week in Xbox Series X restocks. There aren’t any Xbox Series X consoles currently in stock, however, we are seeing only a few Series S bundles after months of the console’s being sold out.

In the meantime, as we search for additional Xbox Series X restock, we recommend you look at the retailers below. Make sure you bookmark this page and keep refreshing it regularly. page, since that will ensure that you are in a position to obtain new Xbox Series X stock when it is available.

Find all Xbox Series X and Series S stock on Amazon today

Where to purchase Xbox Series X: Restock links and updates

As of 12:05 p.m. ET on the 23rd of October, there isn’t an Xbox Series X restock available. On the other hand, GameStop still has a Series S bundle available for $344.

Xbox Series X restock tracker -What to look for

Best Buy Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last replenishment on the 6th of October)

Walmart: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock October 7)

AmazonXbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock June 22)

Dell Xbox Series X (last stock replenished on August 25)

TargetXbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last October 17)

Microsoft: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock October 7)

GameStopXbox Series X | Xbox Series S (restock October 7)

NeweggXbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock May 2)

Adorama: Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S bundles (last restock September 24)

Lenovo: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last stock replenished 16 March)

Costco: Xbox Series X (last stock replenished July 1)

BJ’s Xbox Series X (last replenishment on July 8)

Kohl’s: Xbox Series X (last restock April 21)

Antonine Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last stock replenished on 24th September)

Xbox Series X — the latest information and speculation

It’s going to be another disappointingly dry week with regards to Xbox Series X restocks. Although Microsoft did accept pre-orders for their Xbox Series X mini fridge this week, the console itself hasn’t appeared in stores this week. major retailer.

There are no confirmed restocks this week. There is an opportunity that retailers such as Amazon and Walmart could reduce stock before the weekend, but that’s not likely. The positive is Amazon has already announced the release of the Xbox Series S restock this week, meaning that there’s a chance that Xbox Series X could be in the near future.

Be assured that we’re keeping the eye on the leading retailers. We’ll inform you whenever the inventory situation shifts. But, as we move closer to the Christmas season we expect demand to rise, so if are looking to purchase the Xbox Series X you’ll need to be aware.

In addition, Target announced a huge modification to the way it manages Xbox Series X restocks. It will no longer be waiting for stock to be released in batches, as it did with PS5 restocks, but instead, Xbox Series X consoles will be available for purchase once every store is able to receive stock.

This implies that Target does not have nationwide inventory drops; instead, the console will be offered when each location is able to receive stock. This new system began to take effect earlier this year when a number of Target stores were offering this Xbox Series X for sale.

Xbox Series X restocks: Follow on Twitter

If you’re looking to get an advantage over Xbox Series X restocks, take a look at these Twitter accounts for the most up-to-date updates. We suggest keeping track of Xbox Series X|S Stock Alerts and Wario64. The second account is a source of both Xbox Restocks as well as the general sales of gaming.

Although they may not always inform you of upcoming events it’s an excellent practice to follow your favorite retailers on Twitter, including Best Buy or GameStop. Any edge you can obtain is essential when you try to secure an Xbox Series X restock.

There’s a reason why Microsoft’s latest consoles are selling out of stores. As we reviewed in the course of our Xbox Series X Review we gave the brand new console a lot of praise for its blazing speed, lightning-fast load times, and robust backward compatibility with all generations of Xbox. Also, as we mentioned during our Xbox Series S analysis the less expensive next-gen Xbox offers some of the best features available to those who own 1080p TVs.

With this in mind, check out the most recent Xbox Series X stock updates and helpful tips to get your brand-new Microsoft console here.

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Where can you purchase Xbox Series X: check for inventory

We’ve added helpful links to every major store’s website below. In certain cases, it is possible to join our mailing list to be notified of the most recent Xbox Series X restock. But, currently, they’re out of inventory.

Xbox Series X at Amazon

Xbox Series X at Microsoft

Xbox Series X at Best Buy

Xbox Series X at GameStop

Xbox Series X at Target

Xbox Series X at Walmart

Xbox Series X at Lenovo

Xbox Series S at Newegg

Where can I buy Xbox Series X buying tips and sources

In addition to refreshing websites for retailers, There are other tricks you can apply to increase your chances of securing the Xbox Series X. One particular Amazon method we tried helped us put one Xbox Series X in our shopping cart four times in a row without failing. Additionally, there are many other channels on the internet that you can look at to determine when the console will be available.


If you are on Twitter we recommend following the handle @Wario64. It is famous for its frequent updates to users about the latest deals and replenishing faster than other handles on Twitter.

Forums for shopping

Slickdeals the online deal database is home to an online discussion thread that is dedicated to placing an order for the Xbox Series X through Microsoft. The thread is continuously constantly updated, so go to the final page and refresh to get the most recent information about when the Xbox Series X will be released.


PopFindr can be described as a website that analyzes local inventory at retail stores according to your zip number. For instance, you could search the local Target stores near you to determine if Xbox Series Xs are in stock. Be aware that even if it is listed available, it may have been out of inventory when you get to the retailer.

It’s also a good option to sign up on Slickdeals and create a price alert to “Xbox Series X.” You’ll receive an email notification whenever a new thread is posted regarding replenished stocks. We’ve discovered that at times Slickdeals isn’t able to notify users quickly enough. Therefore, it’s better to type “Xbox Series X” in the search bar, and then sort it by the latest. You should be prepared to check at least once a day.

CheapAssGamer is a long-running video game deal site that also has an active forum specifically dedicated specifically to Xbox Series X. As of the time of writing, this thread is more than 64 pages long and members are discussing where to get units.

Facebook and Reddit

Facebook can also be an excellent source of info. There are numerous Xbox Series X fan groups that keep members informed of where the latest restocks take place. You are welcome to join some of these fan groups.

Make sure you subscribe to the Xbox Series X subreddit. The majority of the site is devoted to memes and discussions however if someone notices an upcoming restock, they’ll inform the community knows. For instance, one user has discovered Xbox Series X units available at the local Walmart, and others also discussing similar findings. There is a possibility that certain Walmart locations might be keeping units for Cyber Monday.


Another group of stores to be on the lookout for are wholesalers that have a subscription model, such as Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club. Since it requires a paid account to access wholesalers, there are typically fewer customers hopping over each other in search of an item. If you do not have a subscription to any of these stores you can ask your family members or friends.

Unfortunately, wholesalers usually bundle new consoles with additional games or accessories. Therefore, you’ll likely spend more than $500.

Check out specific times

Typically, retailers have stock available at a certain time. The time that the brand new Xbox Series X stock is likely to be available is midnight ET on specific days. Be sure to check all retailers, and you might be lucky.

Some retailers will prefer timings such as 7 a.m. ET to ensure that customers get up. Other retailers are targeting midday to ensure everyone has the best chance of getting the latest Xbox Series X console.

Costco: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (in and out of inventory)

Sam’s ClubXbox Series X: Xbox Series X (out of stock)

BJ’s Wholesale Club: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (in and out of stock)

If the items are not available on the internet, it could be worthwhile to visit the physical store. Bring your membership card or be with someone else who is a member. Be sure to wear a mask for your face (over the nose) or the associates at the counter will request to go out. If there are no options in the retail, then you’ll leave with an inexpensive rotisserie-cooked chicken for $5.

Xbox Series X deals

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Xbox Series X deals to be reporting on at present. The demand for the Xbox console from Microsoft is so great and supply is so scarceretailers simply don’t have any incentive to provide Xbox Series X deals. When Xbox Series X deals do come out we’re expecting the deals to be as bundles or freebies instead of discounts of a dollar.

But, you can find Xbox Series X deals on games and accessories. Amazon often offers Xbox Controllers as well as accessories for sale, while Best Buy usually has multiple games available for sale.

shop for all Xbox Series X accessory deals on Amazon

shop for all Xbox Series X video game offers at Amazon

Xbox Series X restock -Beware of scalpers

One reason for Xbox Series X and Series S shortages of stock is that scalpers pick huge quantities of the next-generation consoles in one massive sweep, and then sell them at extortionate prices. We’re getting hundreds of dollars to purchase a $49 games console.

VGC revealed that a now-famous PS5 scalper group referred to under the name CrepChiefNotify was able to purchase 1000 Xbox Series X consoles as shortly as they became readily available through U.K. retail store Very. However, in a twist of fortune, Very canceled 1,000 Xbox Series X pre-orders, a bit inflicting a blow to the efforts of scalpers.

Although it’s not easy as it could be to discover the Xbox Series X or Series S and Series S, we recommend not buying a console through these resellers. Spending a huge sum on an Xbox that isn’t equipped with an extensive selection of brand new Xbox Series X games isn’t an intelligent choice in our view. If you’re willing to wait, Microsoft should have more Xbox Series X units to deliver, along with the promise of exclusive games available for the console.

Notes regarding Xbox Series X restocks

Xbox Series X restock is very difficult to pinpoint. Despite our efforts to bring regular updates Tom’s Guide cannot ensure that you’ll be able to buy an Xbox. We are nevertheless determined to bring you the latest details on every restock as soon as they occur.

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